Anthony Robinson’s 1961 Triumph

Anthony Robinson’s 1961 Triumph

Anthony Robinson was a super custom builder living in Palmdale, California, who specialized in early 60’s Triumph motorcycles. He had a unique knack for making them look even more old-fashioned than they already were. One of his recent builds, a 1961 T-100 model, was named “La Mosca” or “The Fly” due to its nimble and agile handling.

Anthony spent two years working on this masterpiece, pouring his heart and soul into every detail. He used only the best engine builders, and Dean Collinson was the one who built the engine for this bike. The engine had a 500cc displacement, with stock pistons and heads. He used a Pazon ignition system, JRC 30mm carb, and Amal air cleaner. The bike had Triumph straight pipes, stock primary, and stock cam.

The transmission was also from the same year and make as the engine, a fourspeed Triumph. The frame was also from 1961 and was a Triumph with a 4-inch stretch and a stock rake. The forks were a unique addition, 1937 Triumph T80 Girder, which added to the vintage look of the bike. The triple trees were also extended for a better riding position.

The wheels had 40 spokes and were copper-plated with nipples. The front wheel was a 19-inch Triumph with a Firestone Deluxe Champion 400-19 tire and a 7-inch drum brake. The rear wheel was an 18-inch Triumph with a Firestone Deluxe Champion 400-18 tire and a 7-inch drum brake.

The bike was painted by Mat Egan of Extreme Designs, using House of Kolor paint in Copper Leaf, House of Kolor Black, and Kustom Burnt Umber. The powder coating was done by Pacific Coast Powder Coating in Palmdale, CA. The oil tank had a recycle symbol graphic, and the two bottom fire extinguishers welded together served as the oil tank.

The bike had several unique accessories, including 7/8″ drag bars, Girder DogBones risers, and Amal-style hand controls. The fuel tank was a one-off by Lucky Mother Garage, and the front fender was removed for a cleaner look. The rear fender was a 5″ Lowbrow Custom’s fender, and the seat was a one-off with two 4″ seat spring shocks. The foot controls were stock with custom mounts, and there were no mirrors. The headlight was a 5 ¾ Bates Style, and the taillight was a Model A Ford. There was no speedometer.

When Anthony rode La Mosca into a show, a crowd would form quickly around him and his new wonder machine. The value of this bike was still counting, but it was worth every penny to Anthony and his lucky customers who got to own one of his masterpieces.


Bike Name: La Mosca (The Fly)

Owner: Anthony Robinson

City/State: Palmdale, California

Fab. By: Anthony Robinson

Year: 1961

Model: T-100

Value: Still Counting

Time: 2 Years


Year: 1961

Model: T-100

Builder: Dean Collinson

Ignition: Pazon

Displacement: 500cc

Pistons: Stock

Heads: Stock

Carb: JRC 30mm

Cam: Stock

Air Cleaner: Amal

Exhaust: Triumph Straight Pipes

Primary: Stock


Year: 1961

Make: Triumph

Shifting: Four-Speed


Year: 1961

Make: Triumph

Rake: Stock

Stretch: 4”


Type: 1937 Triumph T80 Girder

Builder: Triumph


Triple Trees:

Wheels, Tires, Brakes

Front Wheel: Triumph 40 Spoke.. Copper Plated Nipples

Size: 19”

Front Tire: Firestone Deluxe Champion 400-19

Front Brake: 7” Drum

Rear Wheel: Triumph 40 Spoke.. Copper Plated Nipples

Size: 18”

Rear Tire: Firestone Deluxe Champion 400-18

Rear Brake: 7” drum


Painter: Mat Egan = Extreme Designs

Color: Copper Leaf, House of Kolor Black, Kustom Burnt Umber

Type: House Of Kolor

Graphics: Recycle Symbol On Oil Tank

Powder Coating: Pacific Coast Powder Coating, Palmdale, CA


Bars: 7/8” Drag Bars

Risers: Girder Dog-Bones

Hand Controls: Amal Style

Fuel Tanks: One off by Lucky Mother Garage

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: 5” Lowbrow Custom’s

Seat: One Off with Two 4″ Seat Spring Shocks

Foot Controls: Stock with Custom Mounts

Mirrors: None

Oil Tank: Two Bottom Fire Extinguishers Welded Together

Headlight: 5 ¾ Bates Style

Taillight: Model A Ford

Speedo: None