Bob 68 Camaro

I had been searching for a 68-69 project Camaro without much success.  It was either too much money or a money pit.  My wife mentioned to a friend who happens to work in our industry (car repair/parts) that we had been searching for a Camaro and to let us know if he knew of any one selling one. As fate would have it, he was contemplating selling one he owned.  We went to check it out and it was perfect!  The car actually didn’t need any work at all, it was clean, no body damage, no rust and it ran!  I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I completely disassembled the car after driving for 29 miles!!!  Sometimes I wonder WHY?  I took the car to a local body shop and we decided to do some “Trade” work.  One and a half years later after I had mechanically rebuilt the owners Camaro, my car still had much body work remaining and no signs of finishing.  My wife had been searching on the internet and found a shop in Escondido.  They had completed a project on a Convertible Camaro with a “waterfall dash”.  We both really like the finished project and we began talking with the body shop manager. He advised he was interested in working on the car but unable to take in any work at that time, they were VERY busy!  Fate stepped in again and he called to let us know he had an opening.  So the project began.  It started out so simple and grew into its own entity. I spent the next few years worrying and dreaming of my project car (many sleepless nights).  Finally five years later my project is complete and I am starting to enjoy showing and driving my car. I know longer wonder why I began this project, I know WHY!!!