Born Free

The Hard Rock bike project was a tough one. We had banked on a frame that wasn’t right, so we were forced to go with a Standard Bobber frame from chopper guys. Tough choice, after all it was the Hard Rock Tour and the bike had to be perfect… The tour consisted of a couple of our good friends, the late Johnny Chop and Jesse Rooke. I knew they would both bring heat so the bike had to be way different to get some attention. The frame choice ended up being a good one. The standard geometry really can set a bike apart from all the crazy geometry everyone’s running now. And we wanted the bike to wheelie…. so we decided to go overboard and build a special 15 x 7” bead lock drag racing wheel to give the project it’s steam and traction. The rest of the bike followed. We built a bike called Borracho and the name Moco Grande was kind of derived from that bike, Moco is like Borracho’s crack head cousin, way over the top.