Brian’s 1965 Mustang

Brian’s 1965 Mustang

Born and raised in southern California, I grew up in a family that was an original owner of a 1965 Mustang with a Vinyl top ( Honey Gold ), 1965 GT coupe ( Rangoon Red ), and the second owner of a 1966 GT Fastback (Silver Blue ) with Shelby modifications by Shelby’s shop in late 1966.

Since a little boy (age 8) I wrenched and performed repairs on cars, attended car shows, and acquired a taste for an early model Fastback.

In 1992 my father and I purchased and restored a 1965 GT Mustang Fastback over the course of 4 years. The car came home in boxes and on a Tow Truck. You might say mom’s jaw dropped when she saw the car come home. A major undertaking and the project was probably underestimated, but in the end, it made both my father and me pretty good mechanics.

Beginning at the age of 15, my father and I spent countless hours in the garage performing a ground-up restoration, bonding, breaking knuckles, cursing, daydreaming, and ultimately completing the car 4 years later in 1996.

The car was restored to maintain factory specifications for the most part, yet achieve the benefit of today’s modern conveniences such as a roller motor, 5speed transmission, electronic ignition, gauges etc.