Christian Doston’s 07 Slingshot

Christian Doston’s 07 Slingshot

Story by Christian and GTP

In January 2007, Christian Dotson completed his latest bike project, the Dotson Design Aileron. The goal of this bike was to showcase his creativity, engineering, and fabrication skills. The Aileron was designed to ride like a traditional chopper, but with a unique swingarm design and vehicle proportion.

The idea for the Aileron was sparked after Christian acquired the Kiwi Indian powerplant. The small unitized package of the engine/transmission allowed for a unique swingarm design and vehicle proportion. The leaf-spring front and rear suspensions were derivatives of early Indian suspension designs. The overall look of the bike was based on early “boardtrackers”, while incorporating the proportions and riding position of modern sportbikes.

Christian focused on the details when building the Aileron. The front and rear leaf springs are mounted to adjustable plates that allow for ride height adjustment. The right footpeg folds out of the way when the kick pedal folds out. The button on the shifter toggles the hi/lo beam on the headlight.

The Aileron was built entirely by Christian over the course of a year, with a value of over $150,000. The bike features a Kiwi Indian reproduction flathead engine with 84 cu. in. displacement and a Morris magneto ignition. The exhaust was designed by Dotson Design and finished in brushed stainless steel.

The bike’s frame, forks, and swingarm incorporate tapered tubing from vintage automotive suspension components. The frame was built by Dotson Design with a 26-degree rake, and the swingarm and forks were also designed by Christian. The wheels were built by HDW, with a 23″ aluminum spoke front rim and a 20″ aluminum spoke rear rim with an ISR 6-piston sprocket brake with Dotson Design covers.

The handlebars and solo seat were also designed and fabricated by Dotson Design, with a Dotson Design velocity stack air cleaner and inside frame oil tank. The Aileron has a black painted finish, with polished stainless steel hardware throughout.

Christian’s passion for motorcycles and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the Dotson Design Aileron. This bike is a testament to his creativity, engineering, and fabrication skills and serves as a remarkable achievement in his career.