Peter’s 1953 Cadillac convertible

When I came to Los Angeles in 1981 I was very keen to find that real American car as my every day driver  and camera car. It took a few years, but one day I found this 53 sitting in a back yard in Hollywood. It had been there for over 16 years and all my friends thought I was nuts buying this “wreck”. But they did not see what I saw, and I soon had it under a  tent roof in a friends garden and it took me about 6 month working most days on it to get it on the road. It then had a overhauled original motor, a fair paintjob and new leather seat I made myself!! And I had a fair chrome job done. I drove this car every day without any problems to 2003 when I bought my first Avalanche as a camera car. It then stood parked for a few years when I again took it apart and had a much better restoration done. Again . Much by my self, but a few new Cad friends was of very good help. And knowing where to buy parts was important. In the end I had a almost 9 out of 10 car, and I realized soon that this was a very valuable car!! I used it for lots of my photo shoots, them scantly dressed woman just loved this car!  And it was part of a  few film  productions  also. One one the electric gas pump broke, I bought a new one around the corner and was doing the work when they was filming over my head, me on the ground there. Time is important in film productions!. My 2 young daughters also loved this car and we spent many of our Friday evening dinners at Bob’s Big Boy in Studio city eating a good cheeseburger! But with time it was hard to find safe parking for it, and  where all I drive or park I had people wanting to buy it from me.  So to great disappointment to my daughters the car was sold for good money. They say classic cars are a better investment than the stock exchange. I agree!.