Daniel Lee Maas

Daniel Lee Maas


Morphing into a professional photographer journalist job was a natural for me. With a strong automotive background and long interest in photo imagery starting with film, I anticipated the challenge for many years. At age 62, I quit my job in the USA and moved to Halden, Norway with my Norwegian native-born wife Hilde. I spent the next two years studying advanced Photoshop in preparation. I was lucky to connect with Motor-Trend Group in the USA and Amcar magazine in Norway in 2017. As a master automotive craftsman, former business manager, trainer, automotive engineer, and founder of Revology Cars in Olando, Florida, I truly understand what I photograph. My interests are more diverse than just cars, but I find that is my main interest today. I enjoy night photography with lighting, and model shoots and plan to expand more in those area’s this year.

The images presented are from the past year or two. I average two articles per month in publication with automotive consulting my other interest. Editing and storytelling keeps me very busy, and I find the fall months the most fruitful for photoshoots. Each car is unique for me the American observer and I never tire of the interesting owners and their incredible stories both here in Norway and in the USA.

The first four images are fantasy composites: Tom Einar Karstensen’s 1955 Eldorado,a Swedish custom- (unsure of the owner), Rolly Stephenson’s 2019 Ford GT (USA)  and Jorn Lettenstrom’s 1958 Chrysler 300D.

Daniel Lee Maas 2022