Dave Hall “Newmad”

Dave Hall “Newmad”

When I saw Dave’s car the first time I knew this was a special car and as soon as I started to talk with him I know he was a special guy with a very deep vision on how to build a high end custom car. Here is his story:

“Preservation of key design elements that distinguish the 1955 Nomad from other similar era cars was our primary design objective. These elements included the front fender/side chrome detail, canted ‘B’ and ‘C’ pillars, tailgate chrome strips, rear wheel well openings and horizontal roof ribs. It was determined from the beginning that these design elements would be retained in one shape or form in the final product. 

The critical eye will note that the slab sided body, thick roof section, short front fenders and bulbous hood give the original car a ‘boxy’ appearance. Hence the term ‘shoebox Chevy’ became synonymous with the tri-five Chevy built between 1955 and 1957.  To this end a secondary design objective was established to eliminate the ‘box’ from ‘shoebox’.

 Of course all of these design elements are what give the Nomad character or what we like to refer to as its soul. Without these it would be just another ‘shoebox’.  

A melding of these objectives created an integrated design theme that enhances and ‘contemporizes’ the original cars styling. The end result is a reborn ’55 Nomad that is’ Contemporary’ in design, yet maintains the ’Classic’ styling elements of the original car.

We call our Contemporary Classic, “NewMad”.

The “integrated design” included hand built bumpers that gave a flush fit look, the taillights is a work of art mimicking the 50’s Cadillac taillights hiding a gas cap.

He used a 540 hp big block Chevy engine with a Hughes Performance transmission.

Suspension came from a Corvette with Bear 14” Racing breaks, rolling on 20” Butnick wheels and BFG g force tires.

The inside features seats from a Lexus, all leather of course with all the usual modern amenities like air-condition, cruise control and power everything.

Again you see a solid member high end member of the custom car industry.