Roy Brizio contacted me before the project started and asked if I was interested in doing a joint program between him and me on the 1932 Roadster that would be shown on the TV Rides Program on The Learning Channel.  I was not familiar with the Rides Program nor with the Channel it was shown on.  However, I agreed and after we started the project, the producer of the Rides Program approached us, concerning the fact that I had two daughters, Camee and Christi, who work as vice presidents at my Company.  The producer said they would like to build a little drama around this situation where Camee and Christi would be picking out the colors for this car and that they were going to keep the car for their own use.

Their color choice was the biggest change because my traditional red is the color that I have used for years.  They, of course, picked out a different red and picked out some flames to go with it.  Roy Brizio and I have had many discussions regarding flaming and he has won on some and I on others.  For instance, he did finally flame my 1940 Ford that he built and I have to admit that it looks much better than it did before.

Camee showed me a sample of the color and the flaming and I looked at it and said, “Camee, I would like to change the red to my red and see what it looks like.”  Camee said, “Dad, I’m sorry we can’t do that because we are painting the car now.”  I handed the sample back and asked her why she bothered showing me the red she wanted.  In any case I have to admit that the Candy Apple Red that Camee and Christi chose and the flaming, came out perfect.  The car is a very attractive piece and we had a lot of fun completing the Rides Show and having it in Vic’s Garage.

My wife Nancy, and I did make a trip with it in July 2004.  We drove it from San Francisco to Victoria, B.C., Canada, for what they call “Deuce Day,” which is held on a Sunday on the streets of Victoria.  There had to have been at least 200-250 1932 Roadsters there.  They close the streets and it was really a great event.  We got a lot of great comments from the young people on our drive to Victoria.  It is amazing how many young people watch that Rides Show and how they knew everything about this car.  Everywhere we went, people acknowledged that car.

It was a great project and Roy Brizio did a great job.  My Company did a super job too in supplying the crate engine, the exhaust, shocks and all the good things that we make for it. 

It is indeed, a very fun car.