Jøren 1955 Buick

I have always been fascinated by the 4 door hard tops, both Chevy and Buick had them. There are no columns between front and back doors, so you get this big open space, and it gives you the feeling of a convertible, but without the hard sun on a typical California day. I drove one for more that 20 years, so I should know.

People flip they noses to 4 door classic cars, but they did not see this kind of car, these 4 doors look great. So I was excited when I saw Joren s 55 on a local parking lot just where I now live having returned to Norway a year earlier. We soon got together and had good stills shoot on a local beach. The video we did 10 months later the roads by his house.

Jorn is not the traditional car guy who live and breathe cars. But he bought it to take good care of his best friend when he was getting married. Some time later Jorn bought a 350 crate motor with a 383 stroker kit and he mated that with a TH 383 transmission. This setup gave him a perfect running car. The car was all orange when he got it, but he got it more back to the factory look by adding the white. The inside was always good, so no work there, an all in all it has a great classic car look that draw’s them long looks when Joren drives by.