Ken Reister Riddler

Ken Reister Riddler

In 1999, at the Detroit Autorama, Chip Foose and I had dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Over the course of conversation, we began talking about our dreams of building special cars.  I described to Chip my favorite style of Street Rod and my idea to build one.  His eyes brightened.  He said, “I’ve had an idea for a design like that for a long time,” and he began to draw on a napkin.  The end result was great, and I got excited about the prospect of building a car like this.

When Chip returned to California, I set a date to fly there and visit him.  He drew more detailed pictures of his idea, and I got even more excited.  A deal was struck to begin construction, and the car evolved from there.  Over the years, it was great to see the smiles on people’s faces as this special project took shape.  Many of the craftsmen who worked on this car asked to be a part of the construction team. 

Without fail, all of the individuals involved put 100% of themselves and their talents into the job. 

It was amazing to watch some of the best craftsmen in the world motivated to produce their best work.  Some of the work on this car was redone not by my request, but by their need to satisfy themselves that the end result was as good as it could possibly be.

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I had building this car.  It was like my dream and Chip’s vision became everyone’s dream.  I feel very special to own this car.  My thanks and gratitude go out to the all the guys at Foose Design, the guys at my shop, and all the craftsmen around the United States who were involved with the project.  They created not only a work of art, but a piece of Street Rod history.

The Foose Design Team:

Chip Foose

Steve Greninger

Peter Morrell

Andy Wallin

Karl Jonasson

Dave Willey

Lynne Stout

Dennis Graff (from my shop)

Trent Trimble (from my shop)