Kens 1937 Suburban

Kens 1937 Suburban

From Wikipedia and Peter Linney.

It was my good buddy Quinten who told me about this guy up in the hills of 10 freeway in Los Angeles who had a passion for all the old Suburban. And most so in the 1937s. That is where I found Ken busy working on a number of his 37. His take on this was to put the cars together so they have every body part, bumpers, and running boards, so he could deliver a no-rust car that the next builder could use his talents and special knowledge on this so this great old American culture could get back on the road again. In his assembly of many Suburbans, he does manage to build one for himself and enjoy it for a while, but then the offers become to big and he gets running capital to take off in to the far corners of the USA where he knows there are a few good samples hidden away waiting for a new good home.

I have the same weakness for these trucks as he has, though I am more into the 1947 and 1943 models, so I know for sure whom to call when that day comes.. But for now, I made a deal to photograph his black 1937 model, and a few weeks later we meet nearby at Cable airport and I get great photos of every detail of this great piece of American culture..

A little history:

The Chevrolet Suburban is a series of automobiles built by the Chevrolet division of General Motors. The name started in 1934 for the 1935 U.S. model year, making it the longest continuously used automobile nameplate in production. It has traditionally been one of General Motors’ most profitable vehicles. The 1935 first-generation Carryall Suburban was one of the first production allmetal-bodied station wagons. It now has a full-size SUV body style and comes with three engine options: a 5.3 liter V8, 6.2 liter V8 or a 3.0 liter Inline-6 turbo diesel.

The Suburban was additionally produced under the GMC marque until the GMC version was rebranded as the Yukon XL. It was also briefly marketed as a Holden. For most of its recent history, the Suburban has been a station wagon−bodied version of the Chevrolet pickup truck, including the Chevrolet C/K and Silverado series of truck-based vehicles. Cadillac offers a version called the Escalade ESV.

The Suburban is sold in the United States, Canada, Central America, Chile, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, and the Middle East (except Israel) while the Yukon XL is sold only in North America (exclusive to the United States, Canada and Mexico) and the Middle East territories (except Israel).

A 2018 study identified the Chevrolet Suburban as the car that is driven the most each year. A 2019 study named the Chevrolet Suburban the second-ranked longest-lasting vehicle.

In December 2019, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce unveiled a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for the Suburban, noting that the Suburban had been in “1,750 films and TV shows since 1952.”

When the roads were still dusty and cars were loud and slow, the railway was the most popular means of transport for long distances, also in the Únited States. The arriving passengers with their luggage then wanted to continue their journey in comfort, perhaps to one of the city suburbs. Consequently, in the early days of the motor car, a species of the vehicle was developed to satisfy this need: An open, engine-driven carriage with an additional platform for the luggage. People called them ‘suburban’s’. A number of car makers used this generic name, and it was not until 1988 that General Motors protected the name ‘Suburban’ for its model.