Kristina Vatne from Norway


As a car and bike photographer in CA it was quite usual I was asked by the magazines to include a model when i photo a car or bike for them. All thought this was the best job ever, but not me, why?? First of, when i do that shoot they pay me for the shoot and the model fee, but nothing extra.. But it was a ton of extra work for me as frist I had the find the right model who could work the day I had the car booked,, then I had to make sure she had the right clothing for the shoot, boots,, glows and sunglases.. Then I had to make sure she would find my location,, it it was most of the pl that did not have a street adress. It was just a stress from the begining to the end. Ja,,, some was nice and I did gain some long time friends, but that is normal when you photo hundreds of models, and sorry,, many i do not have or remember their names, but i hope you enjoy the photos..

Peter Linney.