My car, the Pit Viper, was born about eight years ago when I tracked down what was essentially a blank canvas for the build. It took me nearly 14 months of searching, but I located the perfect shell for my ’67 in nearby Sacramento, CA. The car had no glass, no interior, no transmission, no engine, and no wiring — but it was rust-free and straight. It was hard to find something because I didn’t want someone else’s work

I wasn’t going to build a show car …I wanted something to drive and that was my primary focus in building this car. I invested, not necessarily a lot of money, but a lot of time in the suspension and steering and handling side of things. This thing was built with canyon carving and autocross in mind and as a result really hooks up. Underneath it has got stuff you won’t likely see on any other vintage Mustang

As far as the look of the Pit Viper …a lot of people clone Eleanor, but Eleanor can be a much better car. Mine is not another version of the movie car, and that’s fine because I didn’t want an exact version of the movie car. So I took the things I liked about Eleanor and made my own unique car. I have done a lot of custom fabrication to pull it all together, but my favs are subtle as I wanted to preserve the vintage look.