Mike Packard

Mike Packard

Mike Gordon had always been a fan of classic cars, especially those from the 1930s. So, when he stumbled upon a 1932 Ford custom roadster in Fallbrook, California, he knew he had to have it. The black and 50th Anniversary Corvette Red Candy two-tone color scheme immediately caught his eye, as did the hand-built fenders and smooth Dearborn body.

Mike learned that the car had been built from the ground up by Mark Cerquone and Jason Bryant over the course of 17 months. The engine was a monster: a 428 cubic inch Ford motor built by Nelson Racing Engines, capable of producing 1500 horsepower. The body had been modified with a 41 Packard-themed grill, while the interior featured custom leather seats by Ron Mangus.

It was clear that a lot of time, effort, and passion had gone into creating this beautiful machine. And Mike knew that he wanted to take it to the next level. He began working with Jason Bryant to further customize the car, adding personal touches that would make it truly unique.

Together, they decided to create a one-of-a-kind dashboard and install a mini iPad with a built-in streamer and amp for music. They also added a custom shift handle and polished aluminum driveshaft, as well as upgrading the suspension with Kugel components and Wilwood brakes.

But perhaps the most striking addition was the PPG Black paint with 50th Anniversary Corvette Red Pearl, which Mike chose because, as he puts it, “the car told me to.” The result was a stunning custom roadster that turned heads wherever it went.

Today, Mike enjoys taking his 1932 Ford custom roadster on long drives through the California countryside, reveling in the power and beauty of his prized possession. He credits the talented craftsmen who worked on the car, as well as the support of his family and friends, for helping him create his dream machine.