Per 32 Ford Roadster

Per 32 Ford Roadster

Being drawn to many types of cars since he was born, Per Martinsen’s deep interest in hot rods was just a natural way to go. Vintage original cars never really got Per’s interest because to him they were always looking as they were standing still, as well when moving. This is absolutely the opposite of his idea of what a rod should look like. It should look moving when standing still.

On February 1st 1981, at age 20, Per brought home his first project, a 1932 Ford Fordor. Per’s father could not understand why he had to modify the car, not keeping it all original. But how could he? He had read all the articles in Hot Rod Magazine, and the car had to go faster, get new brakes and get lower to the ground. For Per it just had to look cool!

A few years later a 1932 Ford Roadster came up for sale in the local newspaper and Per wasted no time purchasing it. Per swapped the chassis he had modified for the Fordor with the chassis that came with the roadster body. The Fordor body and parts were then sold. Being a certified car nut Per left home for studies in the U.S. and Los Angeles was the natural place to attend college. California (So- Cal more specifically) has always been known for the beaches, pretty girls and the custom car capitol of the world, so the choice was easy. Many of the parts used to build the ‘32 back then were either shipped home or brought back in suitcases when going home for vacations.

Nearly all the work on the car back in the early days was done by Per himself in his parent’s garage, and the car was driven may years before it was shipped to California for a rebuild.

Being a real rodder, Per has through time also built and acquired a 1940 Convertible, 1941 Pickup and a 1946 Woodie, all Fords of course. All cars are used on a regular basis throughout the summer season.