Reimos 34 Lincoln

This car was only made from 1932 to 1934, about 4000 was built and it had a iron block V 12, 150 hp, when it came out, very posh at that time. Today its running with a Ford 460FE and 4 port Edlebrock carburetor ,sitting on top of Edlebrock intake manifold. Transmission is Ford C 6 automatic, running to a Ford rear end. All of this is a solid and easy set up, but getting hold of the car was a different matter. Reimo had fallen inlove with a photo of the car years ago and had to spend lots of energy and money before it one day came of the ship from California and on to Finnish soil where it reminds today. Car friends of mine in Finland told me about this, a bit hot rod looking beauty and I knew this was a car I shouod shoot for my magazine on my trip to Finland in Aug 2022. Reimo is a very busy guy with a company building houses for the Finnish people. But as soon as we meet I saw by his collection of cars that here was a car guy I could have fun with.. When he drove the Lincoln out of his big home garage I notices a cute 34 Ford convertible tucked away behind it, but more about that later.. Reimo was a great assistant and behind the scene photographer. He helped me with my bulky hard reflectors that I so depend on when I do natural light shoots of cars. And I got all this extra photos of me working!! Hahah. It was a pleasure shooting this dark, red metallic car, it had such a elegant stance on the neutral location I had chosen for it. The high quality was shining towards me. After the location shoot we drove back to his courtyard and elegant house (I told you he was a house builder) for the interiors and engine photos. It had great quality seat leather, all done in Finland, with lots of space in the back for his 2 children. Engine was dressed very nice, with a respectable exhaust to match. All so easy to photograph.. My last and so fun photo is Reimo with all his cars, do you notice he has a bit of a 007 look??