Denis Babin Reptilian

I wanted to do a molded bike so I bought a frame around 3 yrs ago got a little tank and started welding the steel all over with the intention of putting a 69 shovelhead engine in it. Over time I sold the engine and was piecing together a knucklehead so I just threw that into it. I had my frame looking done but it wasn’t and Mike asked me to be in Bornfree show with 6 weeks to go as a couple guys dropped out. Nothing was done not the engine not the frame front end nothing. At this point I promised 2 of the builders I would paint their bikes so I knew I was in for it. When the day of the show came I was not done the bike was together but not running come to find out later it was my magnet in my mag that needed to be replaced. Bike is fun to ride it feels like a little racer. The only thing that bothers me is the fuel capacity so I am adding a 2nd gas tank inside battery box so I will have around 1.3 gal.