Sal S Mustang

I originally bought the car with 500 miles on her and 100% stock, never in a million years would I have thought I was going to transform it into the monster it is now.

Any car guy will tell you that the mods will never end and that is where we are now, a never ending build. I have said to myself time and time again, alright that is it, the project is done, and nope! Something else pops up or a good deal shows up and the modifying continues.

Southern California is such a big place with so many great shops it’s always been hard to choose one where to take the car. I guess you can say the car has earned its stripes from a few shops in SoCal starting with Adam at Spankin time motorsports, Ricardo at GTR high performance, Greg at GT performance, and now tuned and worked on by Eddie at Addiction motorsports where we are pushing to break the 1,xxx milestone, currently at 950 rear wheel horsepower.
I was hunting for a Shelby GT500 between the years of 2011-2012 with low miles, a clean title and it had to be charcoal grey, black, or my last preferred color, red. With the way the world works I finally found the perfect car, but the color was my last option but it was a deal that I could not pass up. I bought the car in 2013 with 500 miles on it and initially planned to keep it stock for about a year and then slowly add minor modifications. I should have knocked on wood because that is not what happened. Five months later I already had a pulley swap, intake, and exhaust. She was only making about 520/480 then and that is when the mod bug bit me and I was horsepower thirsty. Then I added a 2.8 kenne bell, making 640rwhp. I was still thirsty for the power, then I added a smaller pulley and long tube headers, finally broke the 700rwhp club. By then I realized I was not going to stop until I had more power than 90% of cars on the road and with a lot of cars coming with 600-700hp stock from the factory I wanted to have more than that. So then I swapped superchargers from the 2.8 kenne bell to the 3.6 kenne bell and broke the 800 club topping out my stock block at 830rwhp. From there I knew the power was tapped out at that power level and had a choice to make, to leave it as is or too build the motor and go all out. After some thinking of the benefits vs downsides I knew I wanted to have one of the baddest shelbys around and that required me to build the car. So I pulled the trigger. Three months later, I got a fully built, cammed, and high boost Shelby back. She is currently sitting at 950rwhp but I plan to break the quadruple number soon! This is a lot easier to read than it actually was, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears have been put into this vehicle. Everything on this car is custom, I’ve added my touch to every aspect of the car and im a perfectionist when it comes down to it all so I can say to myself, that this project is never going to be done.