Steve Babbit’s 1955 Bel Air

Steve Babbit’s 1955 Bel Air

Steve Babbitt had always been a fan of classic cars. His love for them began in his teenage years, when he would watch his older brother work on his own vintage car. As he grew older, Steve’s passion for cars only intensified. It was always his dream to own a 1955 Chevrolet BelAir, and one day, that dream came true.

Steve found the BelAir in Los Angeles, parked in front of an old garage. It was in terrible condition, but he knew he had to have it. After some negotiation, he bought the car and began his journey of restoration.

Steve spent the next seven years working on the car himself. He rebuilt the engine, installing a 555-cubic-inch Chevy engine built by KarCo with a slew of performance upgrades. He also modified the chassis, adding a Jim Meyer G3 chassis and a 4-link rear suspension. The car was painted in a striking orange and silver color scheme, with House of Color tangelo pearl and snow fake white paint.

The interior was redone in leather by Gabe’s Custom Interiors in San Bernardino, with custom instrumentation and a Budnik steering wheel. The car was also fitted with a Sony radio and Infinity Kappa speakers.

After years of hard work and dedication, Steve’s 1955 Chevy BelAir was finally completed. It was a beautiful machine, with sleek lines, a powerful engine, and a beautiful interior. The car was a true masterpiece, a reflection of Steve’s passion and dedication to the craft of classic car restoration.

Now, Steve enjoys taking his BelAir to car shows, where it never fails to turn heads. He loves talking to other car enthusiasts about his passion and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. For Steve, the BelAir is not just a car; it is a symbol of his love for classic cars and the dedication and hard work required to restore them to their former glory.