Thom Jone’s Harley

Thom Jone’s Harley

Thom Jones had always been fascinated with the idea of building a custom bike from scratch. He spent years learning everything he could about bikes and finally decided to put his knowledge to the test. In 2010, he started building his dream bike, which he named Two Chains.

Thom spent countless hours fabricating and machining every part of the bike, from the frame to the engine. He was meticulous in every detail, wanting every aspect of the bike to be perfect. He even modified the frame from a Single Downtube to a Wishbone, using a 45” HD frame, another VL frame, and a BT frame.

When he finally completed Two Chains, Thom knew he had built something special. The bike was a masterpiece of craftsmanship and engineering, and it drew attention everywhere he rode it. He even entered it in a few bike shows and won several awards.

But for Thom, the real joy of Two Chains was the feeling he got when he rode it. The bike handled like a dream, and the sound of the engine was music to his ears. It was a feeling of freedom and power that he had never experienced before.

Over the years, Thom took Two Chains on many long rides across the country. He rode through mountains, deserts, and forests, feeling the wind in his face and the sun on his skin. He met other bikers and made many new friends along the way.

Of course, there were also some not-so-great experiences. Thom had a few breakdowns on the road and had to do some impromptu repairs. He also had a few close calls with cars that didn’t see him. But through it all, he never lost his love for Two Chains.

Thom eventually sold Two Chains to a collector who promised to take care of it and keep it in pristine condition. But the memories of building and riding the bike will stay with him forever. For Thom, Two Chains was more than just a bike. It was a labor of love and a symbol of his passion for motorcycles.