Bills 21 Windows Germany-USA.

Bills 21 Windows Germany-USA.


Any known history – use and mods / changes made by you or previous owners, including if possible who, what, when)

I purchased this bus from the 3rd owner who began to restore it but did not do it correctly or get very far. I began and completed a 3 year concourse restoration.

When and How Acquired – I purchased the bus in 2012 from North Carolina, USA. and had it shipped in an enclosed transport.

Condition when bought / First Impressions when seeing it –

It was almost complete but not running and in desperate need of restoration but I fell in love at first sight.

Reason for buying –

Although I collect and restore vintage cars, this Samba has always been my dream car since childhood and was a great pleasure restoring.


Details of what work has been carried out and parts replaced. If describing a restoration try and list roughly in order things done.

I started with a 1 ½ years of metal and bodywork before it was painted. I replaced front floor, cargo floor, drivers and passenger side outer and inner rockers. I also replaced 2 other jack points & the outer lower 4” of front nose. No other metal was cut or welded. It was a very solid bus, every original part was taken off and polished, chromed, powder coated, rebuilt, restored and put back on the bus with the utmost care. There were also many NOS parts used such as the middle seat, grab bars, assist strap, vent trim set, horn button, gas door lock, wipers, coat hooks, tail light lenses, indicator lenses and a host of other original NOS hardware.

INTERIOR FITTINGS / DESIGN (including cab area)

If original, list key features present. If custom / bespoke provide info on how you decided layout and fittings, chose colours, materials used, who did the work etc.

Interior is all factory original. This bus was restored to a very high level as a concourse style restoration. It is actually better than factory. Not many buses have been restored to this level. It has a German Mohair headliner and silver / beige door panels, seats were powder coated (not painted) then upholstered.



When and how did you get into VW buses?

I have owned VW buses since 1988 and still own several VW’s including buses. 

What do you like about owning / driving a bus?

It is my dream car, everyone can’t help but smile when they see it. The fact that it is such a pure fully restored VW is what collectors such as myself enjoy the most.

Best / Worst experience with bus to date

Best  – The day it was finally fully restored to concourse level.

Worst – Will be the day I sell it.

People and / or businesses you wish to thank. (For businesses please include website and phone).

Rafa Gutierrez in Orange, Ca. Great person and super knowledgeable when helping me complete this restoration.

And anything else you want to add or share!

This is an amazing bus that has so much history. It was restored and assembled using original VW parts. Some parts to mention are: Ashtrays, belly line trim, jail bars, luggage bar, window latches, all seats, speedometer, clock, fuel gauge, steering wheel, beautifully restored headlights by Brad Jarvis out of Cambria, CA, USA. Beautifully rebuilt and assembled complete power train including, brakes by Rafa Gutierrez out of Orange, CA, USA.

The pride of this collector bus is that all parts used are authentic VW parts staying true to the concourse style restoration. This took 3 ½ years to complete, there are no MOD’s and was restored to M Code specs. Thanks to Stacy out of Vancouver, Canada for the excellent original Sigla glass.